Trouble Free Communications CellPhone Service 

The SmartPhone market is growing dramatically. You are demanding the most advanced SmartPhone solution and thanks to Trouble Free Communications CellPhone service you can get it. Trouble Free Communications CellPhone service fully and effectively integrates with your customers’ PBX systems or Home network, making your teams more productive. Personnel can communicate using their full PBX feature set, whether they are in the office or not. Keep your Trouble Free Communications CellPhone service connected to WiFi and your calls cost nothing. Leave WiFi range and pay only a couple cents per minute for talk time.

Full PBX functionality, native to the Trouble Free Communications SmartPhone.

Trouble Free Communications CellPhone service is revolutionary, giving both Home and Business and end users complete PBX functionality, native to the Trouble Free Communications SmartPhone, without data, WiFi, call forwarding, or downloaded apps to buy and maintain not an this is not app for your phone but a Mobile phone service like Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile or AT&T.

Seamless WiFi handoff to cellular

When you’re on WiFi, all of your calls are delivered to your phone system over the Internet at no charge to you. If your Wifi signal degrades or you walk away from your wireless router, your phone seamlessly moves to the cellular network without disconnecting your call. Whether you’re on cellular or WiFi, your calls are always connected to you or your customer’s Voice over IP PBX system without the use of an app or mobile data connection.

Options to fit your unique requirements

  • Participate in existing call queues using existing office time conditions
  • Over 99 phone numbers that can be assigned for different customers, target groups, and personal contacts
  • Four-digit dialing within the PBX system for quick, easy access.
  • Family CellPhones around the world
  • International Call Rates on your cellphone as calling card rates
  • Take your cellphone around the world and make Free WiFi calls to the US and Canada
  • Take your cellphone around the world and have the same features as you do in the USA

Trouble Free Communications CellPhone Service cuts mobile phone spending by up to 75% or more

Trouble Free Communications CellPhone Service provides a streamlined switch between WiFi and cellular, optimizing access and reducing cost. Based on an average $90 per month plan, your customers can save thousands on their mobile phone bills. The more you stay on WiFi, the more you save.

Two pricing options are available for Trouble Free Communications CellPhone Service customers. Connect your Office AnyWhere CellPhone service phone to your office PBX or Home network and incur no charges when you’re on any WiFi connection. Our second pricing plan is designed for those who wish to operate their cellular phone independent of an office phone system Home network and standard Trouble Free Communications CellPhone service rates apply. Text messaging is included on all plans at no additional charge.