Cloud Router & Network Protection Service
Meet The Smart & Protected Router

A Connected World and Businesses and Family’s Best Friend

Breakthrough Features for your Digital Home and Business Networking

  • Gigabit router
  • Concurrent dual-band N Wi-Fi
  • Up to 3 wireless and wired virtual networks for separate service zones
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and prioritization
  • Bandwidth management controls per each user
  • Per-device real time bandwidth usage graphic reporting
  • Integrated Internet speed testing with graphic track record
  • Wireless signal quality detection and monitoring per each device
  • Per-user, categorized web access history with up to 2-week log
  • Pre-configured Internet content filtering ready to use or customize
  • Per-user content filtering policies scheduled on week/day/hour intervals
  • Completely block Internet access per user manually or on schedule
  • Real-time filtering across over 140 dynamically updated categories
  • Watch List to monitor time spent on specific sites
  • SMS alerting and blocking for excessive usage of specific sites
  • Covers unlimited number of users and devices
  • Built-in firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and NAT
  • Wireless-only, isolated guest network
  • VLAN firewalled service zones for family, work and guest use
  • Malware and phishing protection
  • Anonymizers block
  • Unknown device connection alert
  • Unidentified device preventative blocking option
  • Automatic device recognition and fingerprinting

Internet Access Monitoring and Control


What is Cloud Router & Network  Protection?

Cloud Router & Network Protection Service is a first-of-its-kind home networking solution that allows you to powerfully, yet simply, manage your Business and family’s unique digital lifestyle. Comprised of—a wireless router. Cloud Router & Network Protection Service lets you individually personalize the Internet access of every member of your family and Business. It provides you with visibility and control that is customized to your family’s specific needs, across all connected devices.

Cloud Router & Network Protection is Perfect for Businesses and Families with Kids of All Ages and Lots of Devices

Know What’s Happening on Your Network

  • Get unparalleled, instant visibility into how the Internet is being used in your Business and Home, and what sites your employees and kids spend their time on
  • Group devices by user, making it easy to keep a watchful eye across all of your employees or kids’ devices
  • See what websites your employees and kids are visiting and create a watchlist of key sites for each user
  • Choose the level of parental controls appropriate for each user with Cloud Router & Network Protection Service’s flexible and robust content filters
  • Create weekly schedules for each user, specifying when they can be online and the level of web access during those periods
  • Set limits on time spent online, so you can limit gaming and social networking sites during school days, and turn off all Internet access at bedtime
  • Help employees and kids develop good habits about their time spent online by sending them (or you) real-time notifications when they are about to hit their time limits
  • Get notifications via text message or email when your broadband service is down, an unexpected guest needs Internet access or even when watch list time limits have been exceeded by your employees or kids
  • Easily diagnose and fix many network problems so you can spend less time on tech support and more time living your life
  • Manage all the networks in your life, such as your parents’ house, small business or a vacation home
  • Create firewalled zones that let you separate users within your Business or home network, so you can put your home office in one zone, your family’s devices in another, and guest access in a third, keeping private data private
  • Automatically protect your business or home network from the most dangerous malware on the web such as, phishing, spyware and botnets with the Cloud Router & Network Protection Service Content Access control system
  • Allocate bandwidth between zones in your business or home or among users and devices—according to a schedule or on the fly

Protect your Business and your Kids and Empower Smart Choices
Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere
Protect your Network and its Users
Optimize Performance for Your Family

  • Decide, for example, if a Skype call takes priority over a youtube video or a child’s streaming music, or ensure that a family-night streaming movie doesn’t stutter because of a high-bandwidth game being played in another room

Internet Monitoring

Real time visibility into who is using the internet.

Cloud Router & Network Protection Service allows you to monitor what select users of your Business or Home network browse on the web and define usage limitations and alerting for individual sites or collections of sites visited. A graphic rendering allows you to evaluate if and when a user is proactively spending time on a site.

A log of DNS requests, searchable and filterable by category, provides detailed insight into the browsing history of each tracked user for up to two weeks. Based on that information, you can tag individual sites for detailed usage monitoring and graphic reporting for up to 30 days.

Monitoring and tracking can be enabled as an option at the individual user level to ensure the full privacy of users you do not want to supervise.

Tight integration between the SkyDNS servers and the Cloud Router & Network Protection Service Cloud Service, enables the administrator to track anything accessed on the Web, monitor only select users instead of all traffic, and provide chronological usage information for sites added to a Watch List.

The Watch List Heuristics Engine (beta) detects if a website is being actively used, if it is indirectly reached by other sites, or if it is just idling on an open browser window.

Intelligent Content Filtering

Cloud Router & Network Protection Service™ offers a fully integrated content access control system that allows Businesses or families to personalize the Internet access experience by creating Internet access rules that can automatically vary by individual user, time of the day, and day of the week.

You can associate devices with their owners and then establish policies that define what each user can or cannot do online. Cloud Router & Network Protection Service Content Filtering filters content across over 140 different categories organized in groups and topics for ease of selection. It also offers a predefined library of five topic-based rules that you can use directly or customize to fit your specific needs, adding and removing categories, and specifying sites to whitelist or blacklist.

To prevent your Business or Home users from bypassing the content filtering engine, Cloud Router & Network Protection Service uses a special technology called “Compulsory DNS.” This guarantees that regardless of what DNS service is locally configured on a device, the monitoring and filtering configured within Cloud Router & Network Protection Service still occurs.

To simplify the identification of individual devices and assign them to users, Cloud Router & Network Protection Service uses Device Fingerprinting technology, until now available only in enterprise grade networks.

Enterprise-grade, certificate-based TLS encryption guarantees a completely secure connection between the Cloud Router & Network Protection Service Router and the Cloud Router & Network Protection Cloud Service. As the Cloud Router & Network Protection Service Router connects to its cloud service, it immediately establishes a secure link using the same approach employed in online banking transactions, further reinforced by the use of a unique security certificate and a hash key. All configuration, reporting and status information is then transmitted utilizing the encrypted link. 

Per User Control

You Business or Home network is shared among your employees or family, although every person has different needs and requirements. Cloud Router & Network Protection Service allows you to create individual user profiles and instantly assign connected devices to each user to ensure the best Internet connectivity experience for each.

Once assigned, all devices belonging to a user are automatically subject to the rules defined for that person, such as what type of Internet content they can access, how much Internet bandwidth they have available to them or how much time they can spend on different types of sites. The system also provides per-user information that is easy to understand such as time spent on set web sites, data downloaded or uploaded and a history of web sites visited.

It is easy to organize your devices thanks to automatic text and email notifications that alert you every time a new device connects to your network. Once connected, Cloud Router & Network Protection Service provides all the information needed to recognize the device and assign it to a user.

Device Fingerprinting is an enterprise-grade technology used for the first time in a Business and Home networking device by Cloud Router & Network Protection Service. It allows your router to understand what type of devices are connecting to your network, identifying detailed information about their name, manufacturer, operating system, and more.

The system can alert you on your smartphone when a new device connects for the first time and provides detailed information to easily recognize it and assign it to a user.

Performance Optimization

An integrated Bandwidth Management System allows Cloud Router & Network Protection Service to maximize the value of broadband service investment and optimizes the way the bandwidth is utilized in your Business and Home network.

Cloud Router & Network Protection Service routers support multiple independent network zones. Each zone can be assigned a QoS policy with a guaranteed portion of the available bandwidth and a priority rating. This allows you to control which devices receive priority in terms of bandwidth. For example, you can set all of your business devices on a dedicated “Work Zone” to ensure that your video conferences or remote presentations always have the bandwidth they need, regardless of what is happening in the other zones.

You can also set speed limits and access priority for individual users to ensure that no individual user in the Business or House “hogs” all the bandwidth or that the devices that require prioritized bandwidth, such a media streaming boxes, always can perform at their best.

Bandwidth Manager utilizes Quality of Service queuing algorithms to organize the Internet traffic according to what device or user needs access. Within each Network Zone, each device gets its own dedicated queue that can move traffic along at a speed varying on its priority, set limits, and overall network congestion.

Privacy and Security

Cloud Router & Network Protection Service provides the option of creating multiple virtual networks (Service Zones) in your Business and Home. This allows you to keep your more sensitive data and devices, such as your work computers, separate from all your other devices. You can also designate a separate virtual network for your guests to access the Internet using a separate wireless connection and without ever having access to your family network or having to share your wireless passphrase.

Cloud Router & Network Protection Service also provides a baseline level of Web content filtering that everyone in the home can use to prevent access to phishing sites and protect from malware downloads. Configuring it is simple and fast using the Cloud Router & Network Protection Cloud Service.

Virtual LAN technology (VLAN) is commonly utilized in enterprise networks to keep data unique to specific groups flowing separately within the same shared infrastructure. Traffic is tagged according to its origin, destination, purpose or type. A VLAN has the same attributes as a physical Local Area Network (LAN), but it allows for traffic to flow as if devices where physically connecting to separate networks. This improves security, reduces data access violation risks and optimizes access to network resources. 

Multi-network Management

The Cloud Router & Network Protection Cloud Service supports the management of multiple networks. We can configure, monitor, and manage as many home networks as you want, such as a second home or at a relative’s residence.

Powerful Home Gateway

The Cloud Router & Network Protection Router is a compact and elegant device that packs powerful connectivity options with concurrent dual-band 600-class 802.11n Wi-Fi. A dual radio configuration, four-port gigabit Ethernet switch and high-quality, built-in antennas provide sustained connection speeds on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. In addition to support for the current 802.11n standard, it is backwards compatible with legacy 802.11a, b, and g clients.

The firmware powering the Cloud Router & Network Protection Router leverages years of development experience creating enterprise networking devices with a specific focus on efficiency and reliability. It brings breakthrough capabilities to every Business and home network, making high end, business-class technologies affordable and usable for the Business or the consumer. Some of these include Quality-of-Service (QoS) and active prioritization, wireless signal quality detection and monitoring, and Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for multiple, concurrent service zones.

The Cloud Router & Network Protection Router utilizes Qualcomm-based dual 2×2 MIMO 802.11a/b/g/n radios and a CPU architecture that offers clean RF signal processing, reliable connectivity and superior computing power to support high-intensity use.

Its firmware is based on a robust Linux core directly derived from the development of enterprise networking devices offering advanced features unavailable in other home networking routers.

Advanced features such as content access control and quality of service, until now only available in expensive business equipment, are now easily accessible via an intuitive Web interface, using any browser on any device, from any Internet connection.

Cloud Router & Network Protection Service simplifies your Business and home network extending its connectivity and your control to make it work best with the digital lifestyle of your Business and Family.

Upon its first connection to the Internet, the Cloud Router & Network Protection Router contacts the Cloud Router & Network Protection Cloud Service utilizing a secure and innovative communication protocol. At that time the virtual controller automatically and securely configures your router according to your preferences and needs.

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